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MSGTAG Status 2

MSGTAG Status version 2 is here! Whether you're new to MSGTAG read receipts or an existing user, this is a must-have addition to your computer. MSGTAG Status 2 is now Windows Vista and 7 compatible!

To find out how to track email with this exciting new version of our read receipt software, head to the MSGTAG Status 2 product page.

Don't wonder - Know!
Everybody wants their email to be read. But how many times do you find yourself wondering if it even got through? Was your email read? You hit "send" and then wait patiently for a reply. But did it get there? Did they get it? Is it number 237 in their inbox? Has it been eaten by an over-zealous spam filter? Where's the reply? Is their account dead or just hibernating? Should you just wait a little longer? What's the story?

MSGTAG read receipts take the uncertainty out of email delivery by allowing you to deliver emails, instead of just sending them. MSGTAG is enormously popular windows email tracking software that uses a better read receipt technology to tell you when your emails are opened and when your emails are actually read.

MSGTAG works alongside your existing mail program and finally gives you some proof that your email got through. So now you don't have to wonder, because you'll know. MSGTAG read receipts provide you with an email confirmation — proof that your email was actually read.

How does it work?
MSGTAG notifies you the moment your emails are opened
When your email is read, MSGTAG lets you know. You receive an email notification from MSGTAG telling you when your email was opened. The email notification also tells you when it was sent, when the email was delivered, and what the delay was in between.

How is MSGTAG different from the read receipts you already get in Outlook and other programs?
Unlike traditional read receipts, MSGTAG doesn't hassle your recipient with pop-up boxes — it's completely automatic — and you can get read receipts from practically any address, including Yahoo, Gmail and MSN addresses.

Traditional read receipts rely on people to choose to allow a read receipt to be returned to you. However, if at some time in the past they opened an email and selected "don't ask me about read receipts again" then ... they'll never be asked about read receipts again. Even if they would be happy to let you know that your email was successfully delivered, their software will block the sending of traditional read receipts. In fact, that's why we decided to build a new kind of email tracking software - because traditional read receipts just don't work any more, but people still need to know when an email is opened.

So, how to track email if the old read receipt system is useless? The MSGTAG email tracking software uses a completely different method than the traditional read receipts to ensure that you know about the status of your email delivery.

Our custom designed email tracking software adds a small track and trace tag that is unique to each email you need delivery confirmation for. When the email is opened an email tracking code is send to the MSGTAG email tracking system and an email read confirmation is delivered to you. MSGTAG will notify you when it's read via an emailed confirmation, pop-up message, or an SMS text message.

Please note that the read receipt dashboard view that shows you a history of every time you've been notified, the notify pop-up and SMS notifications are only available in MSGTAG Status 2. MSGTAG Free delivers the email delivery proof via an email confirmation only.

It's the very best email tracking software for when you need a reliable email read confirmation.

Do you need proof that your email was read?
Sometimes it's really great to have evidence that your message was receieved: "read proof". You might need read proof because someone you billed is claiming to never have received the invoice. Now you can confront them with read proof in the form of an email tracking receipt.

Have you ever assigned a job to someone who you knew didn't want to actually do it? "I never got your message" is a pretty common excuse. It would be great to have some read proof to show them.

A few MSGTAG users have even told us that they use read proof to figure out who is serious on dating sites. Did she really not get the email, or is she not that keen? With MSGTAG email tracking you now have read proof you need to meet the love of your life. :)

How to track your email.
Big companies have been tracking email for years. Every time you get an email newsletter from a retailer you can be sure that they have email tracking switched on. It's really helpful for them to know if their message is getting through and how interesting their offers are to you.

But lets say you weren't too happy about that combination vegetable steamer/clothes drier you bought from them and emailed them to ask if your clothes are supposed to small like spuds. Wouldn't it be great if you had email tracking too? You could track your emails and see when their "We never got your support request" excuses are a load of steamed baloney.

So, how can you track your email? By now you know the answer: with MSGTAG track and trace software email tracking it's easy.
How to track your email in 5 easy steps:

Step one: Buy MSGTAG Status 2.
Step two: Install it. MSGTAG will automatically detect your settings and self-configure.
Step three: Switch on the read notify setting you want.
Step four: Send a message with your usual software.
Step five: MSGTAG will notify you when it's been read.

That's it. Did you think it would be harder? Did you think "How to Track Your Email" would be a 20 page guide? A New York Times bestseller? That we'd be selling "How to Track Your Email" hardbacks with a free magnifying glass?


It's click, read notify: on, click, send. In fact you don't even have to do the read notify click each time. By default read notify stays on once you've set it. With MSGTAG Status 2 you can even have different read notify settings for each email address, or different read notify settings for different domains or other groups.

MSGTAG read receipts work with most popular email programs, including Outlook, Thunderbird & Windows Live Mail
The beauty of the MSGTAG read receipt system is that you don't have to change anything about the way you write or send your messages. In fact you'll hardly even know it's there — a small icon in your system tray is the only indication that the MSGTAG read receipt process is working quietly in the background ready to spring into action when an email is read. The MSGTAG email tracking software works with almost all desktop email programs (including Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Incredimail, Eudora and Pegasus Mail).

It's unobtrusive.
MSGTAG runs in the background while you send your tracked and un-tracked email as usual. This means that you don't have to write your tracked email into a strange little box, or alter the email address before you send anything.

One of the best things about MSGTAG read receipts is that your friends don't need to do anything different either in order to notify you that they've read your email. There are no annoying pop-up windows asking them to send a read notification back to you — they just reply as they normally would.

It's private.
MSGTAG's read receipt technology guarantees that your tracked emails remain just as private as usual. At no stage do we ever have access to your messages — your tracked email goes straight from you to the recipient, without passing through our servers. No storing. No peeping. No handing your address out to anyone. For more information you can check out our comprehensive privacy policy.

It's simple.
We've designed MSGTAG to be easy to use. You can enable or disable email track and trace with one click and MSGTAG Status 2 displays your email tracking and notification options in an innovative network overview, so you can easily see your email track and trace status and select new options without trawling through screens of pull-down menus.

MSGTAG email notification software is also a breeze to install, and can usually set itself up automatically with your mail settings. For more information on how to track email with MSGTAG read receipts, please see the email software support pages.

You want the ultimate in email tracking, so you need MSGTAG Status 2. All your tracked emails are displayed in the MSGTAG Status 2 Dashboard, so you can see at a glance which of them have been opened.

You decide how you receive your read receipts and with MSGTAG Status 2, you can set up different read receipt options for different people.

Also when you upgrade to MSGTAG Status 2, you'll receive access to unlimited technical support via email from our track and trace experts!

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MSGTAG Free sends you email notifications when your emails are read at their destination. The eye-catching MSGTAG capsule sits on your desktop or in your system tray, allowing you to enable or disable email tracking with one click.

It doesn't hassle your friends with pop-up boxes, all they see is a small MSGTAG Footer at the end of your message.

Best of all, MSGTAG Free is free, but still notifies you when your mail is read!

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